About us

Since the founding of the company in 2010, our field of expertise has enccompassed the customs procedures in Lithuania and other EU. Today, we have a team of 20 professionals - customs brokers, consultants and lawyers - to ensure client services of the highest quality. We are AEO certified.

We are well-reputed customs experts in Lithuania. Our services in this country include: all customs procedures (inward processing, customs warehousing, etc.); consultations on simplifications (authorised consignors and consignees, AEO, etc.) and other customs-related questions; training courses in customs procedures for manufacturers, traders and freight forwarders; and a monthly e-journal titled "Customs law for practitioners", published in cooperation with the customs officials. We are active members of the Customs Consultative Committee and the Association of Customs Brokers of Lithuania.

In Germany, we focus mainly on transit procedures. Our multilingual team (German, English, Russian and Lithuanian) provides 24/7 services.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that some of our services (e-journals, courses, etc.) are provided only in the Lithuanian language. More information is available at: www.muita.lt 

Reviews from our customers:

Markus Freiknecht, CEO of Global Logistic Group GmbH: "Our cooperation with the customs agency "Muita" has enabled us to save 30% of our costs for the T1/T2 procedures in Bremerhaven. It is a high quality service, and it is our pleasure to recommend this company to others!"

Tomas Gadliauskas, Regional Senior Vice President of Purchases & Logistics of UAB "NEO GROUP", a manufacturer of PET resins: "We are very satisfied with both the auditing process and the results it achieved. The advice of the "Muita" professionals not only brought us an immediate and significant financial benefit, but long-term gains as well."

Rasa Grigoraitiene, Head of the Logistics Department of UAB "Ekspla", the manufacturer of lasers: "We have been taking part in the training courses of "Muita" for several years. We consider this training not only as an opportunity to receive the necessary basic knowledge, but also as a possibility to gain new insights that will help us to improve our work processes and to better manage our risks. Also, we really enjoy the competence to coordinate the interests of both the beginners and the experienced participants during the same lecture – everyone is involved!"