Customs broker 24/7 in Lithuania and Germany

Customs brokerage services at all customs offices in Lithuania and Germany. Client service 24/7!

The main office of „Muita“ is located near the international see port of Klaipeda in Lithuania. Our customs brokerage services are online services, thus, we provide them at all the customs offices in Lithuania and Germany. We are specialists exclusively in the area of customs. Our highly qualified team consists of customs brokers, consultants and lawyers. We are always ready to support you in the case of customs-related questions!

Our main services include:

  • All customs procedures in Lithuania
  • Transit (T1) and export declarations in Germany

We possess:

  • A comprehensive guarantee
  • AEOC-certification

Our strength is smooth services at a competitive price 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our team is multilingual, so you are welcome to contact us in English, German, Russian or Lithuanian.

“Our goal is to execute customs formalities smoothly and quickly, and to ensure their full compliance with the legislation - a customs audit after the clearance shall not bring up any unexpected results.”

Jurgita Bartninkiene, Director