Services in other countries

Ireland and the United Kingdom

Muita UAB has established a cooperation with HFS Customs and has become a representative of the company. We are delighted to work closely together and to be able to offer the following customs broker's services to our customers in Ireland and the United Kingdom:

  • Imports into GB, ROI & NI
  • Exports out of GB & ROI
  • Specialising in SPS goods including the completion of TRACES & IPAFFS Entries
  • Transit procedures T1/T2
  • ENS-ICS Entry Summary Declaration (Ireland)
  • And all what is necessary for the smooth cross-border movement of goods! Keeping clients informed on all changes including the Windsor Framework, Certex & Single trade Window


Our customs broker's services in Germany include:

  • Transit T1/T2
  • Z and B numbers required for export through the port of Hamburg
  • Export

A note for exporters: In Germany, the export declaration must be submitted to the customs office closest to the place where the goods were loaded for export.


In Latvia, we offer these customs broker's services:

  • Transit T1/T2