Transit and export in Germany

Customs clearance T1 / T2 transit and export declarations at the German customs

We take care of the clearance of T1 or T2 transit procedures at all German customs offices and provide a comprehensive transit guarantee. Also, we work with cargo flows from the ports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven, so we know the specifics of transit clearance in these ports.

We will arrange the Z and B numbers required for export through the port of Hamburg

It is also important to know the specifics of procedures in container ports when working with goods to be customs cleared for export. We will not only take care of the export declaration for your cargo at the German customs offices, but also of the Z and B numbers that you must have if the goods are to be transported through German container ports.

An important note to exporters: in Germany, the export declaration is required to be lodged at the nearest customs office to the place where the goods were loaded for export.

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