New on Access2Markets: export bans imposed by Russia and Belarus


In response to EU and other countries’ sanctions, Russia and Belarus retaliated by imposing export bans on certain products to what were branded ‘unfriendly countries’. As a result, some products, although not subject to EU import restrictions, cannot be imported because they cannot be taken out of the exporting country. So how can one learn which goods are restricted?

Information on export prohibitions, restrictions and tariffs are now available on Access2Markets.

About Access2Markets database

Access2Markets was created by the European Commission to support companies in internationalising their business. The database is mainly used by persons involved in the importing and exporting of goods. It provides information about the import of goods into the 27 EU Member States (including national taxes) and the export of goods from the EU to 135 countries worldwide. You can learn about tariffs, taxes, procedures, formalities and requirements, rules of origin, export measures, statistics, trade barriers, and much more. However, keep in mind that the database is not a legal source (read the disclaimer). It just offers guidance. The search results should be verified in legal sources and/or by shipping a test consignment.

The database is constantly being updated and amended by adding new countries (for example, key information on 13 additional countries was added in March 2022, see news) and new features. One of the newest features contains information regarding export bans from Russia and Belarus. This is a helpful tool to get an overview of what those countries have taken as counter-measures reacting to sanctions imposed on them after Russia invaded Ukraine. Let’s look at the tool based on several examples of products1.

New feature: restrictions imposed by Russia/ Belarus

Temporary prohibition to export wood products from Russia

There is a temporary prohibition on exporting certain wood products from Russia to ‘unfriendly countries’. On Russia’s list of these countries, among others, are Ukraine, all EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia. The prohibition also applies to exports under contracts that foresee settlements through financial institutions registered in the ‘unfriendly countries’. This measure will apply until the 31st December 2022, and might be prolonged.

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